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Pre-emigration Work

Much valuable work can be achieved in the pre-emigration stages. This is done via the internet and involves making clients and their families familiar with some of the concept of Culture Shock, what might be expected and how to 'inoculate' oneself against the most distressing aspects of this type of shift.

It is important to note that work done is this area is extremely valuable in forestalling later issues which arise. The very fact of being prepared for the changes, how their effects are manifest and how to deal with them goes a long way to enhancing feelings of coping and, indeed, coping ability itself. Knowing that parents as individuals and children, as individuals, are all subject to the pressures helps in understanding the dynamics involved. Less obvious but no less important is the knowledge that the family unit itself undergoes potentially dramatic changes and this factor alone is one of the key areas that benefits from prophylactic work.

If this is of interest to potential immigrants, please go to: which is my e-therapy web-site and through which I work with clients from all over the world.

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