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I was trained as a Rogerian therapist and for the first few years of my practice, I concentrated on developing my empathic skills and

just listening, listening, listening to my clients. In 2000, I became aware of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and did some reading in this area and in 2003, I attended my first course in ACT and have increasingly been drawn to this approach, both in my own life and in my clinical practice.

Since then, I have attended many conferences in ACT and have given many workshops in ACT, have run skills training to ACT therapists, and have recently presented a paper at the latest international ACT Oceania in New Zealand, on ‘Acceptance From A Buddhist Perspective’.

Mindfulness has been a major part of my clinical practice and apart from my own meditation practice, I run several meditation groups each week.

My clinical work at a prominent psychiatric hospital where I used to work brought me into contact with all aspects of mental health and

I regularly worked with psychotic patients – schizophrenia, psychotic depression, as well as with patients with borderline personality disorder and PD traits. I also worked with people struggling with bipolar disorder.

In my own general practice, I get to see almost all that life offers in terms of a range of clients, from the worried well to people struggling with the issues of grief, anxiety and depression.

CBT Groups

In my clinical setting, I used to run several CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) groups each week, at a private psychiatric clinic where I worked for 2 ½ years. CBT is still considered the ‘gold standard’ by many therapists and it is considered effective in the treatment of depression and certain types of the anxiety disorders. Consequently I am totally familiar with the work of Beck, Ellis, Meichenbaum, Wolpe and others and I have developed some novel metaphors and experiential exercises which are generally experienced by my clients as effective in the teaching of cognitive restructuring skills and behavioural modification techniques. Part of my practice involves different exposure techniques, behavioural experiments and in vivo work to help clients shift in their lives.


I run several anxiety and depression groups each week, as well as 4 process driven groups , as well as some distinctive pro-active therapy groups embodying both combined exercise and group therapy sessions.


Since 2002, I have offered a comprehensive e-therapy service which utilises encrypted (safe!) software for real-time client communication. I regularly acquire new clients on this site, as well as working with existing clients who either are overseas on work assignments, or who have immigrated.

Since 2002, I have offered a comprehensive e-therapy service which utilises encrypted (safe!) software for real-time client communication. I invite you to browse this site:
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